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Solution-oriented conversational skills

Solution-oriented conversational skills

You are probably frequently confronted with professional situations in which you face the challenge of evoking a cooperative stance in your communication partner. Which words should you use, in order to lay the groundwork for a constructive solution-oriented conversation? Who can I assure mutual openness to positive changes instead of rejection and a destructive escalation spiral?
The workshop introduces you to a structures course of action for dealing professionally with these types of situations.

Schedule: 3 days (09:30 - 15:30)
Participants: Max. 10
Addressee: Professionals with leadership responsibilities, teachers and other educators, social workers, who want to improve their communication skills
  1. ”The model is simple but not easy.” Basic systemic solution-oriented communication techniques
  2. Conflict geneses and escalation spiral
  3. Functional contact methods, formulating goals
  4. 4. Solution-oriented question techniques
  5. 5. Finding and using resources

Our methods are praxis-oriented and address the concrete cases you deal with in your professional lives. Using interactive tools such as group work and role playing participants are given the opportunity to practice using constructive, solution-oriented conversation techniques in challenging situations.