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Leadership Development Program for Young Executives

Leadership Development Program for Young Executives

The workshop is designed for managers that are new to their role as well as young professionals wanting to enhance their leadership skills.

  1. Vier Seminare, je 2 Tage
  2. In order to provide optimal conditions for a successful transfer into your leadership practice the seminars take place every 4-6 weeks for a period of six months.

Seminar Content:
You learn basic communication and moderation techniques for motivating team members and creating a positive work climate in high performance teams. You learn to understand group dynamics, recognize and deal effectively with conflicts and power games. You are given the opportunity to reflect your own leadership behavior and try out new leadership roles. You attain a contextual understanding of leadership styles and the relevance of organizational setting, group dynamics and the characteristics of individual team members.

  • Situational understanding to effective leadership
  • Motivation of team members
  • Basic communication techniques
  • Understanding and influencing group dynamics
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership styles
  • Organizational setting
Our workshops are praxis-oriented effectively combing practice and reflection to assure a both effective and lasting learning process. Using interactive tools such group work and role play you are giving the opportunity to practice applying key communication techniques and leadership styles. We use the concrete professional situations of our participants as real-life opportunities for understanding leadership challenges and assuring an effective transfer of the course content into the work-life. Using group and individual trainer-feedback participants are given the opportunity to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and develop their individual leadership personality.
We place great value on providing you with solid understanding of leadership theories, group dynamics and the underlying principles of key communication techniques. Are aim is to provide you with a solid bases for continually improving your leadership skills and dealing effectively with future leadership-challenges throughout your professional carrier.
SignumBerlin trainers all have academic degrees and a professional specialization in fields such as communication psychology, organizational sociology and group dynamics. In addition to years of professional experience our trainers are certified coaches, consultants and experienced trainers.