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Conflict Management

Conflict Management

The workshop is designed for professionals with leadership responsibilities, wanting to train their skills in dealing with, resolving and preventing conflicts.
Duration & Schedule:
3 Days
You acquire an in-depths understanding conflicts both in terms of structural causes as well as in terms of group and inter-personal dynamics. You learn to recognize conflicts at an early stage and apply conflict prevention techniques as well as conflict management methods for dealing with long-standing conflicts. We train you in the use of constructive, solution-oriented communication techniques. You learn to use reliable methods of conflict diagnoses and choose appropriate intervention methods. We coach you in the use of resilience and self-management tools as an important resource in conflict situations.

  • Structural conflict causes
  • Group and inter-personal conflict dynamics
  • Conflict diagnoses
  • Prevention and de-escalation techniques
  • Solution-oriented communication techniques
  • Resilience and self-management tool
Our workshops are praxis-oriented effectively combing practice and reflection to assure a both intense and lasting learning process. Using interactive tools such group work and role play you are giving the opportunity to practice applying key conflict management techniques. We use the concrete work experiences and situations of our participants as real-life opportunities for understanding conflict dynamics and assuring an effective transfer of the course content into your work life.
We place great value on not only schooling you in standard communication techniques but providing you with an in-depth understanding of conflict dynamics and the underlying principles of key conflict management techniques. Are aim is to provide you with a solid bases for dealing effectively with conflicts through your professional carrier.
SignumBerlin trainers all have academic degrees and a professional specialization in fields such as communication psychology, organizational sociology and group dynamics. In addition to up to ten years of professional experience our trainers are certified coaches, consultants and experienced trainers.